The world of homeschooling continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year as more people discover the freedom that comes with teaching their own children. Many people opt to homeschool because they are unhappy with the public school system, while others do it for religious reasons. I even have some friends who decided to homeschool because their family enjoys travel and it makes it easier when their children are not on a rigid schedule. Regardless of the reason for homeschooling, we are here to offer support. There are many different types of curriculums available for any family the home schools, though some families completely opt out of using a curriculum.

Our goal on the site is to come beside you in your homeschool journey to help you with the resources you need in the support we all need in this journey. I hope you all will find encouragement on this page to help you through your homeschool journey while learning what works and doesn’t work, for your children and your family. We will offer ideas to help you create a learning environment that is rich and identify other resources you can use instead of a box curriculum. We hope you will follow us as we all explore through this adventure known as homeschooling.