Many families who homeschool eventually find themselves feeling burned out. The children become bored and you find yourself at the end of your rope about ready to throw in the towel. Well, we’re here to help you in your time of desperation. If you find yourself in that situation, pick a week to follow the schedule below to help refresh your homeschool journey.

Monday: it seems like most holidays happen on Mondays. With this in mind, look online to discover if there is a holiday happening on the Monday of your refresh week. It could be something as absurd asĀ Penguin Day in another country. Use that holiday as an excuse to learn about the animal at your local library, zoo, or anywhere else. You could even opt to talk with someone about A/C repair since penguins prefer it cold. Be creative.

Tuesday: try letting your children take charge of the day. Give them the freedom to choose what they want to learn about and how. Maybe one of your children enjoy building things and wants to spend the day watching YouTube videos. Allow them to be creative and learn how they wish.

Wednesday: flip your schedule around. Try having dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. If you always do your schoolwork in the morning, do it in the evening instead. Mix things up for everyone.

Thursday: take time to learn about where you live. You can create a field trip to visit your local history Museum or a local park where the children can learn about the history of their area.

Friday: spend this day doing good for others. When we help others in need, we learn so much. You could volunteer your family to help with the local animal shelter or go to a nearby rest home and spend time with the elderly.

All of us face burn out at some point or another. If you start to notice your family burning out with homeschooling, take a week off and mix things up with your schedule. You can follow the ideas above or create your own. Learning will happen whether you take off a week or not.