Have you ever thought about how schooling works for the typical family? I mean, the majority of us do not have an education degree. We are mostly just ordinary people that grew up never realizing we would take on the responsibility of schooling her own children someday. How can we, the typical family, possibly consider ourselves qualified to teach our children?

The good news is that anyone can teach their children at home. In fact, you do it already, whether you realize it or not. Teaching your children at home is just a natural extension of parenting. Ever since your children joined your family you have been teaching them. It’s a matter of following your instincts to teach them the basic things they need to survive. When you, the parent, don’t have the answers you need, you already understand how you can reach out to others to help you. So, yes, you already understand what teaching your children is about.

You teach your children through your example as you go through your daily life and explain the things you do and why. If you have children, you are constantly answering questions and challenging them to discover answers for themselves. You encourage them to try new things on their own and help explain things to them they do not understand. In fact, you know more about your children than anyone else.

Even though you may not have an education degree, you can tell when your children are learning and growing and something new. You can always tell when they need a little extra support or when they are confident in what they are doing. You are able to read your children’s emotions better than anyone. You know if your child will thrive using a packaged curriculum or if you need to look at other options.

You are the expert on your child and what they need to learn. It is up to you to decide what to teach and what classes your child may do well in outside of the home. Your main job is to support your children’s learning, whether it is in the home or out. You are the expert on your children, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.