Teaching Math to Young Children

Math is one of those important topics that everyone needs to learn. Unfortunately, many parents of younger children tend to neglect math concepts early in life. Instead, we think we can teach it to our children later in life. There is no reason to wait on teaching your child math, though. Below are some ways to get you started teaching your children math at a young age.

Counting: count anything and everything with your child. It could be the peas on his plate or the buttons on his jacket. As he built things with your child, count them together. Finding things to count is an easy concept to teach.

Comparisons: talk with your child about bigger and smaller, heavier and lighter. These concepts fit right in as your child is playing with his toys.

Classifying and sorting: always try to compare objects when you see them. There are many concepts to consider teaching, such as nearer and farther, lighter and heavier, less and more, shorter and longer. Take your child on a nature walk and collect objects then sort them by their color, shape, and size. Recently, when I had Conroe Roofing over to discuss roofing options, they left me samples behind. Me and the children sorted them by the types, colors, and textures. Anything can work for classifying and sorting.

It is very important to make math a normal part of your child’s life. There are many books available that cover all the above math themes. Anytime you go grocery shopping or cook, talk about numbers and how you use them. You can also find many songs that help teach counting.

For young children, it is easier to do counting before learning what numbers represent. They may not understand what the numeral 3 is, but they can understand if they have three of something. The best way to teach math to your young children is to use the objects they already know in their world.