Dealing with the Messy Days of Homeschooling

If you have been homeschooling for any time, you know that homeschooling is messy. When you are home all day with your children, not only is your house messier, but your life itself is as well. Of course, we all want to have a cozy home with children who diligently work on their schoolwork while we sip on our latte and the sounds of classical music fill the air. Truth is, though, this rarely happens.

Being a homeschooling mom is a full-time job. Most of us don’t realize in the beginning just how much work it’s going to be, though. We start off with grand ideas on all the things we want to do with their child and homeschooling, but sometimes, we barely make it through the day. Yes, our days may start off the way we envisioned, but over time it inevitably seems to get out of control. You consider teaching the children about outdoor living so your house can stay cleaner throughout the day.

On the days when you have a hard time getting out of your pajamas before noon and nothing seems to go the way you planned it, remember that you are also being schooled. Every day brings you opportunities to grow alongside your children. You are learning how to manage the chaos, control your temper, and sacrifice your personal needs and wants. This helps you become wise and seasoned as a mom.

Also on these days, your children are learning more about what real life is all about. You learn to work together as a family and face the challenges head on. Every day is a day that will only come around once. Step back and take the time to enjoy the moment, realizing that you are investing time and memories with your children each and every day you spend with them, regardless of how messy the day is.